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My mind has been prey to the constant "showers of delusion" that religious, political, financial, and/or ideological platforms use for their own purposes. I am understanding more and more each day about this mind-moving power that very few people seem to want to discuss in length. I used to be the same way, but I am not that way anymore. Some say I have chosen the way of depression & sorrow, instead of marching in the land of ignorance & bliss. Well I say, "You stay in your land and I will stay in mine."

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary: Birth from Death

At the core of our existential being is not a need for gifts, medical miracles, friends, or more money. At our core lies a numbing need for answers. Not answers to questions relating to LIFE, no, no, no. The answers we seek mostly relate to DEATH, and all that is "birth" from it.

Friday, December 14, 2012 created a reviving shock in the frozen hearts & minds of individuals around the world. The minds of people began to seek information, knowing from the spirit that binds us all together, another expression of imbalance has once again brought us back to a familiar place...reality. That place we run from everyday, knowing one day we will return.

As a result of what occured on this day, there is a collective shiver in the spirit of man. Whether it is because the children & staff were taken away too soon or because of the families they left behind, the pain attached to this collective event worked to bind us all spiritually & emotionally. The normal "distractions" of politics in the form of gun control, our attempt to profile what a murderer looks like, and the heartless individuals who financially capitalize from this, WILL NOT take away how this horrific happening has emotionally charged the hearts of people. We all have questions. We all want answers.

The anger & pain we feel is normal. The emotions disallowing us to think are for a reason. The feelings of helplessness are real. There is nothing in the world that allows us to completely escape these. They are apart of the DNA of existence.

It was two years ago when I first experienced real understanding of the concept "birth from death". Admittedly, I have been conditioned by the religious cultures of our time. So my knowledge of this concept had no real foundation outside of what I had been told. It was not until I began to see the LIFE of all mankind as one LIFE, that I began to realize when something happens to one, it happens to us all. The deaths that occurred on December 14, 2012 have invoked LIFE into the spirit of man. It is a LIFE buried deeper than the life brought forth by the so-called Christmas spirit. Nothing binds us more than death.

As we all fight within to grab some type of control over our emotions and our questions, please take some time to recognize yourself within the spirit of man as one that continues to live for those that have died.

NOTE: If you are having a difficult time coping with what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, please seek assistance. Find someone that will listen, and talk to them about how you feel. If you need some assistance finding a mental health professional, I would recommend asking a friend who may suggest one, asking your primary medical doctor, or doing an internet search within your local area. If you choose to seek after a mental health professional, please use the first meeting to get to know the individual before sharing any personal information.

Here are a few links that may assist you:
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  1. Your description of the connection of all mankind is wonderful. We need to connect with this truth, however terrifying it may be, if we are to ever find freedom from our self-imposed oppression.

    Thanks Maranda!!

    1. Hi, I like your term "self-imposed oppression". As I age, the clarity of that term irritates me, frustrates me, and causes me to want more for myself and all those around me. It is amazing how much you can "know" about yourself, yet still be completely helpless to do anything to help yourself. And THAT is the evidence that there must be something more than ourselves, because it is that something more that we must seek after in order to TAME the self. Thanks for the insight!

  2. It does affect us all. It affects us in different ways. I think the tragedy brought us all to a very sorrowful and compassionate state of reality. We recognize there are some seriously hurting people out there and that our reality can be changed in a moment when we least expect it. I understand what its like to have a very close family member die from a tragic gun death. It is reality. I have a choice. I do not live in the permanent sadness of the tragedy. It takes time to move into a place where you stop living in sadness. I have wonderful memories and times of mourning and I choose life over living in past. We will never know all the answers as to why these situations occur.

    1. Hi, I am so sorry for your loss. I can feel the powerful resilience stirring within you through the words your have written. I am sure this resilience has carried you out of many difficult places within your mind. For that, I am thankful! And the fact that our reality can be changed in a moment is something I try to be cognizant of everyday. Thank you for sharing!