Who am I?

My mind has been prey to the constant "showers of delusion" that religious, political, financial, and/or ideological platforms use for their own purposes. I am understanding more and more each day about this mind-moving power that very few people seem to want to discuss in length. I used to be the same way, but I am not that way anymore. Some say I have chosen the way of depression & sorrow, instead of marching in the land of ignorance & bliss. Well I say, "You stay in your land and I will stay in mine."

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Step Away from the Joystick!"

The need to communicate a stance on doctrines of religion, politics, and social welfare quickly leaves the faculties of ones who have experienced the unseen canopy that shields all three.  These indviduals are no longer hung up (like moldy towels) on what is truth, what is right, and what is not (the incessant circle of bad is good and good is bad).  The truth is obvious for the one who really wants to behold its beauty.  It is constantly staring each one of us in the face like a built in mirror that SOMEHOW gets distorted (perhaps it is down in the Texas heat).

The arguments of the left and the arguments of the right mean nothing to someone who understands the underlying reason for there being a LEFT & a RIGHT.  This argument has thus then been reduced to that of a video game JOYSTICK (yeah, I'm showing my age)! Think about that for a minute, a joystick.

If you want more than the joystick for yourself, for those around you, and within the world you live, then you must "step away from the joystick" and travel down the path that demands you seek after those things that are true about yourself, about others, and about the world around you.

Be encouraged in knowing this...You were given your OWN mind and it is yours!  Grab ahold to it and realize you are only what it tells you you are!  So what are you, a joystick?  Use your own mind to answer that.

I feel the truth. I hear the truth. I see the truth. Isn’t that because I am of the truth? Because if I am here, or what I believe I am is HERE, then what else could I possibly know, but that? …That I am here and if I am here then there IS a here to be here & if there IS a here to be here then there is a BE here. I am who I say I am & that is all I know.

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  1. This was neat. Great job at bringing home the reality that we are potentially living lives under the control of social influences that do not REALLY have our best interest in mind at all.

    We can look at this many ways, but ultimately humans must find acceptance with our creator, and be empowered to boldly pour out that love on others, no matter what the circumstances "demand" of us.