Who am I?

My mind has been prey to the constant "showers of delusion" that religious, political, financial, and/or ideological platforms use for their own purposes. I am understanding more and more each day about this mind-moving power that very few people seem to want to discuss in length. I used to be the same way, but I am not that way anymore. Some say I have chosen the way of depression & sorrow, instead of marching in the land of ignorance & bliss. Well I say, "You stay in your land and I will stay in mine."

Monday, September 20, 2010

You better not judge!

Judge not, unless you want to be judged. What exactly does this or could this mean in the American society? Are we suppose to take this as being the same as “if you are happy for others, then happy things will befall you”? We are told to heed these sayings in order to secure a better life. I have personally seen the application of these sayings create better lives for people. But my question remains, is there a realistic way to continuously follow these sayings in the capitalist, competitive, individualistic society we live?

When I tried to answer this question I realized there were many "sayings" that have been impressed upon us as “do or die” requirements. How many of these things are realistically relevant? Therein lies the reason I have chosen to “shed” away those teachings I was told were right and true, in order to see what still remains. And from what remains I have been building (or at least trying my hardest to build) only those things that have shown themselves to be true, productive, harmless, and helpful to myself and all those in THE WORLD around me.

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